Our success and our goal Vetoldt ambitious ideas in the minds and bodies to burst energies shining sun ray's Isra


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Trading all types of iron and angles, and composting, wicker, pipes

About Us


Seemed the idea .... There have been signs in sight .... As the days turned into a reality In the spring of 1975 appeared to the light company Isra trade all types of iron and angles, and composting, wicker, pipes and began flying in the sky and soon we acquired the confidence of the ministries and public sector companies and private traders who bought us to begin the process of success and excellence begins history in writing pages of race and effort and struggle to one that can not be erased or
torn pages.
Because the success has been our goal and ambition, our goal Vetoldt ideas in the minds and bodies burst energies for shining sun ray company Alasra for Industry and Commerce and its plant for metal industries on an area of ​​square meters in Cairo governorate Qalyoub for the production of composting and angles, and the rest came, and because our mission is to achieve customer satisfaction by providing a high quality product and the identical the standard specifications of global and local competitive prices to contribute to the national economy and because of the increased demand for our products based on the data and the requirements of the domestic market, we decided to Zdiah production capacity as much as consistent with our needs.
Isra ... 35 years in the Egyptian market and continue journey to success, creativity and excellence.





Our Teame

  • Fully trained on the system work
  • Looking forward to more technology
  • Experts in the production of iron and shutter
  • High efficiency
  • Fully aware of the profession
  • Have a high spirit in dealing


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Rolling is the process of reducing the thickness of the metal through the passage through the rolls Rolls to change the thickness of metal and shaped into plates, bars and any other forms to come out the other side of the metal thickness of a new and a new form

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And hot-rolling mill with a high temperature of the metal to reach the necessary degree of flexibility of the formation.
The factory of the company Isra for Industry and Commerce to produce iron Alambtt (wicker) Iron box - corners
In addition to the process of rolling

Cold where the factory produces all sectors of the cold-composting (composting Segal).



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The most important business
Of the most important work that the company is exercised by the supply of iron and steel products conform to the specifications and the highest quality and lowest cost of operations and shutter Wolf sheet